Tuesday, 15 April 2014

BIDAR Pin Code

Pincode Details  
LocationPincode State District
Ahmadabad585413 KarnatakaBidar
Alandi585328 KarnatakaBidar
Algood585419 KarnatakaBidar
Aliember585402 KarnatakaBidar
Alura585414 KarnatakaBidar
Alwai585416 KarnatakaBidar
Ambesangvi585328 KarnatakaBidar
Amlapur585403 KarnatakaBidar
Andur585402 KarnatakaBidar
Astoor585403 KarnatakaBidar
Attarga585416 KarnatakaBidar
Aurad (b)585326 KarnatakaBidar
Aurad (s)585226 KarnatakaBidar
Badalgaon585326 KarnatakaBidar
Bagdal585226 KarnatakaBidar
Bakchowdi585402 KarnatakaBidar
Balat (k)585436 KarnatakaBidar
Balur585413 KarnatakaBidar
Banhalli585412 KarnatakaBidar
Baroor585403 KarnatakaBidar
Basavakalyan585327 KarnatakaBidar
Basavakalyan Bazar585327 KarnatakaBidar
Basavakalyan Eng college585327 KarnatakaBidar
Bawalgaon585326 KarnatakaBidar
Bawgi585226 KarnatakaBidar
Bedkunda585436 KarnatakaBidar
Beeri (b)585328 KarnatakaBidar
Beeri (k)585328 KarnatakaBidar
Belkhera585412 KarnatakaBidar
Belkoni585436 KarnatakaBidar
Belkoni (m)585443 KarnatakaBidar
Belura585327 KarnatakaBidar
Bemalkhed585227 KarnatakaBidar
Bembalgi585227 KarnatakaBidar
Benchincholli585414 KarnatakaBidar
Bet Balkunda585327 KarnatakaBidar
Betgera585419 KarnatakaBidar
Bhairnalli585226 KarnatakaBidar
Bhalki585328 KarnatakaBidar
Bhalki Town585328 KarnatakaBidar
Bhandarkumta585326 KarnatakaBidar
Bhatambra585411 KarnatakaBidar
Bhatasangvi585411 KarnatakaBidar
Bhosga585419 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar585401 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar Bazar585401 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar G.n.jhira585402 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar Gandhi gunj585403 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar Osman gunj585401 KarnatakaBidar
Bidar Shah gunj585401 KarnatakaBidar
Bolegaon585416 KarnatakaBidar
Bonthi585326 KarnatakaBidar
Budhera585226 KarnatakaBidar
Byalhalli585415 KarnatakaBidar
C B college585328 KarnatakaBidar
Chalakapur585414 KarnatakaBidar
Chambol585402 KarnatakaBidar
Chandakapur585419 KarnatakaBidar
Chandanhalli585418 KarnatakaBidar
Chandapur585413 KarnatakaBidar
Chandeshwar585417 KarnatakaBidar
Chandori585443 KarnatakaBidar
Changler585227 KarnatakaBidar
Chatnalli585226 KarnatakaBidar
Chidri585403 KarnatakaBidar
Chikli (j)585421 KarnatakaBidar
Chikli (u)585326 KarnatakaBidar
Chiknagaon585437 KarnatakaBidar
Chillargi585403 KarnatakaBidar
Chimegaon585443 KarnatakaBidar
Chimkod585402 KarnatakaBidar
Chintaki585326 KarnatakaBidar
Chintalgera585403 KarnatakaBidar
Chitguppa585412 KarnatakaBidar
Chitta585403 KarnatakaBidar
Chitta (k)585419 KarnatakaBidar
Chordapka585326 KarnatakaBidar
Dadgi585328 KarnatakaBidar
Dakulgi585415 KarnatakaBidar
Dawargaon585328 KarnatakaBidar
Dhannura (h)585413 KarnatakaBidar
Dhannura (r)585330 KarnatakaBidar
Dhannura(k)585327 KarnatakaBidar
Dhumansur585353 KarnatakaBidar
Dhupat Mahagaon585421 KarnatakaBidar
Diggi585417 KarnatakaBidar
Dongam (m)585417 KarnatakaBidar
Dongapur585328 KarnatakaBidar
Dubalgundi585418 KarnatakaBidar
Ekamba585326 KarnatakaBidar
Ekamba585419 KarnatakaBidar
Eklera585326 KarnatakaBidar
Gadgi585402 KarnatakaBidar
Gadlegaon585437 KarnatakaBidar
Gadwanti585353 KarnatakaBidar
Ghatboral585418 KarnatakaBidar
Ghodwadi585418 KarnatakaBidar
Ghotala585419 KarnatakaBidar
Goonalli585403 KarnatakaBidar
Gorchincholli585411 KarnatakaBidar
Gorta (b)585327 KarnatakaBidar
Goundgaon585416 KarnatakaBidar
Gour585327 KarnatakaBidar
Gundoor585419 KarnatakaBidar
Hajnal585413 KarnatakaBidar
Haladkeri585403 KarnatakaBidar
Halbarga585413 KarnatakaBidar
Halhalli585436 KarnatakaBidar
Halhalli (k)585415 KarnatakaBidar
Halli585419 KarnatakaBidar
Hallikhed (b)585414 KarnatakaBidar
Hallikhed (k)585330 KarnatakaBidar
Hallikhed Sf585415 KarnatakaBidar
Halsi (l)585411 KarnatakaBidar
Halsi Tugaon585416 KarnatakaBidar
Handikera585418 KarnatakaBidar
Hangarga(b)585326 KarnatakaBidar
Hankuni585330 KarnatakaBidar
Harkud585437 KarnatakaBidar
Hattarga585419 KarnatakaBidar
Hedgapur585436 KarnatakaBidar
Hippalgaon(a)585436 KarnatakaBidar
Hipparga Bagh585437 KarnatakaBidar
Hipparga Ghat585437 KarnatakaBidar
Hirenagaon585437 KarnatakaBidar
Hokarana585326 KarnatakaBidar
Hokrana (k)585403 KarnatakaBidar
Holsamunder585417 KarnatakaBidar
Honalli585419 KarnatakaBidar
Hoodgi585329 KarnatakaBidar
Horandi585417 KarnatakaBidar
Hulsoor585416 KarnatakaBidar
Hulsoor Khed585417 KarnatakaBidar
Humnabad585330 KarnatakaBidar
Humnabad Bazar585330 KarnatakaBidar
Humnabad Industrial area585330 KarnatakaBidar
Hunsgera585353 KarnatakaBidar
Hunsnal585418 KarnatakaBidar
Hupla585413 KarnatakaBidar
Iaf Stn "585401 KarnatakaBidar
Islampur585331 KarnatakaBidar
Itga585412 KarnatakaBidar
Jaigaon585328 KarnatakaBidar
Jajanmugali585419 KarnatakaBidar
Jalsangi585418 KarnatakaBidar
Jamgi585421 KarnatakaBidar
Jamkhandi585416 KarnatakaBidar
Janthi585413 KarnatakaBidar
Janwada585402 KarnatakaBidar
Jojana585421 KarnatakaBidar
Joldapka585413 KarnatakaBidar
K.H.b. colony bidar585402 KarnatakaBidar
Kadepur585327 KarnatakaBidar
Kadwad585226 KarnatakaBidar
Kalgapur585417 KarnatakaBidar
Kalkhora585437 KarnatakaBidar
Kallur585330 KarnatakaBidar
Kalsar Tugaon585411 KarnatakaBidar
Kamalnagar585417 KarnatakaBidar
Kamthana585226 KarnatakaBidar
Kanji585413 KarnatakaBidar
Kankatta585353 KarnatakaBidar
Kaplapur (a)585402 KarnatakaBidar
Kappargaon585329 KarnatakaBidar
Karaknalli585227 KarnatakaBidar
Kardyal585413 KarnatakaBidar
Karkyal585443 KarnatakaBidar
Kawadgaon585421 KarnatakaBidar
Kesar Jawalga585416 KarnatakaBidar
Khanapur (k)585327 KarnatakaBidar
Khasampur585226 KarnatakaBidar
Khatak Chincholli585328 KarnatakaBidar
Khatgaon585417 KarnatakaBidar
Kherda585437 KarnatakaBidar
Kherda (a)585326 KarnatakaBidar
Kinni585437 KarnatakaBidar
Kitta585327 KarnatakaBidar
Kodambal585412 KarnatakaBidar
Kohinoor585419 KarnatakaBidar
Kolhar (k)585402 KarnatakaBidar
Kollur (a)585326 KarnatakaBidar
Kon Melkunda585413 KarnatakaBidar
Korekal585443 KarnatakaBidar
Kosam585413 KarnatakaBidar
Kotgyal585417 KarnatakaBidar
Koutha (b)585421 KarnatakaBidar
Kumar Chincholli585418 KarnatakaBidar
Kurubkhelagi585328 KarnatakaBidar
Kushnoor Gadi585421 KarnatakaBidar
Ladha (a)585421 KarnatakaBidar
Ladha (b)585411 KarnatakaBidar
Ladwanti585419 KarnatakaBidar
Lakhangaon585411 KarnatakaBidar
Madargaon585329 KarnatakaBidar
Madargi585227 KarnatakaBidar
Madkatti585411 KarnatakaBidar
Madnoor585417 KarnatakaBidar
Mailoor585403 KarnatakaBidar
Maisalga585437 KarnatakaBidar
Malchapur585413 KarnatakaBidar
Malegaon585403 KarnatakaBidar
Malkapur585403 KarnatakaBidar
Mandaknalli585226 KarnatakaBidar
Mangalgi585329 KarnatakaBidar
Mangalpeth585401 KarnatakaBidar
Manhalli585403 KarnatakaBidar
Maniknagar585353 KarnatakaBidar
Mannakhelli585227 KarnatakaBidar
Markhal585402 KarnatakaBidar
Markhal585414 KarnatakaBidar
Markunda585227 KarnatakaBidar
Maroor585413 KarnatakaBidar
Masimadu585414 KarnatakaBidar
Maskal585436 KarnatakaBidar
Matala585419 KarnatakaBidar
Medpalli585421 KarnatakaBidar
Meenkera585227 KarnatakaBidar
Mehkar585416 KarnatakaBidar
Methi Melkunda585411 KarnatakaBidar
Mirkhal585416 KarnatakaBidar
Mohmadapur585326 KarnatakaBidar
Morambi585328 KarnatakaBidar
Morkhandi585327 KarnatakaBidar
Muchlam585327 KarnatakaBidar
Mudbi585437 KarnatakaBidar
Mudhol (b)585443 KarnatakaBidar
Mugnal585326 KarnatakaBidar
Mugnoor585418 KarnatakaBidar
Murki585417 KarnatakaBidar
Mustari585412 KarnatakaBidar
Muttangi585227 KarnatakaBidar
Nagankhera585329 KarnatakaBidar
Nagmarpalli585326 KarnatakaBidar
Nagora585403 KarnatakaBidar
Nandgaon585329 KarnatakaBidar
Nandi Bijalgaon585326 KarnatakaBidar
Narayanpur585327 KarnatakaBidar
Naubad585402 KarnatakaBidar
Nidoda585436 KarnatakaBidar
Nirgudi585331 KarnatakaBidar
Nirna585227 KarnatakaBidar
Nittur585413 KarnatakaBidar
Othagi585418 KarnatakaBidar
Pandargera585331 KarnatakaBidar
Partapur585327 KarnatakaBidar
Raipalli585326 KarnatakaBidar
Rajeshwar585331 KarnatakaBidar
Rajgira585403 KarnatakaBidar
Rajnal585402 KarnatakaBidar
Rajola585331 KarnatakaBidar
Ranjol Kheni585329 KarnatakaBidar
Rekulgi585227 KarnatakaBidar
Rola585331 KarnatakaBidar
Rudnoor585413 KarnatakaBidar
Saigaon585416 KarnatakaBidar
Sangam585417 KarnatakaBidar
Sangolgi585226 KarnatakaBidar
Santhpur585421 KarnatakaBidar
Sastapur585327 KarnatakaBidar
Sawali585417 KarnatakaBidar
Sawargaon585326 KarnatakaBidar
Secundrapur585402 KarnatakaBidar
Sedol585353 KarnatakaBidar
Shembelli585421 KarnatakaBidar
Shivani585411 KarnatakaBidar
Siddeshwar585413 KarnatakaBidar
Sinbandgi585415 KarnatakaBidar
Sindankera585330 KarnatakaBidar
Sindol585403 KarnatakaBidar
Sirkatnalli585329 KarnatakaBidar
Sirsi (a)585226 KarnatakaBidar
Sitalgera585329 KarnatakaBidar
Sonala585417 KarnatakaBidar
Srimandal585402 KarnatakaBidar
Sultanbad585418 KarnatakaBidar
Sundal585326 KarnatakaBidar
Surhalli585421 KarnatakaBidar
Tadola585331 KarnatakaBidar
Tadpalli585403 KarnatakaBidar
Talmadgi585329 KarnatakaBidar
Talwada (k)585413 KarnatakaBidar
Talwada (m)585328 KarnatakaBidar
Telgaon585328 KarnatakaBidar
Thanna Kushnoor585436 KarnatakaBidar
Toglur585327 KarnatakaBidar
Torna585443 KarnatakaBidar
Tugaon (c) katti585415 KarnatakaBidar
Udamnalli585227 KarnatakaBidar
Udbal585412 KarnatakaBidar
Ujani585421 KarnatakaBidar
Ujlam585419 KarnatakaBidar
Veterinary Univ. campus585226 KarnatakaBidar
Wadgaon (d)585421 KarnatakaBidar
Walkhindi585412 KarnatakaBidar
Wanjarkhed585416 KarnatakaBidar
Warwatti (b)585328 KarnatakaBidar
Yakatpur585403 KarnatakaBidar
Yedlapur585226 KarnatakaBidar
Yeklera585437 KarnatakaBidar
Yelladgundi585419 KarnatakaBidar
Yengunda585326 KarnatakaBidar
Yenkura585328 KarnatakaBidar
Yerandi585437 KarnatakaBidar
Yerbagh585331 KarnatakaBidar
Yernalli585402 KarnatakaBidar

List of Winning MP and Runner up from 1977 to till date from Bidar Lok Sabha Constituency

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Election awareness drives sweep Bidar off its feet

It was a day of Systematic Voter Education for Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programmes in Bidar.
It started with a signature campaign in areas with low polling percentage. Voters were asked to sign a pledge that they would not vote for any party or candidate against considerations or under fear.
Rajeev Jain, awareness observer from the Election Commission of India inaugurated the campaign by signing the pledge. He said that the polling time was extended by an hour in the evening and urged voters to make use of it.
Deputy Commissioner P.C. Jaffer said the SVEEP programme was being carried out in various innovative ways. Teams of folk artists have staged street plays in nearly half the villages in the district. Senior officials have spoken in special meetings in various colleges. In some colleges, first time voters were given application forms to add their names in the electoral rolls.
“We also organised a mock polling session in Lingaraj Appa engineering college. We have been organising brainstorming sessions for niche groups like government employees, non government organisations, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and women’s groups. Self Help Group members and Anganwadi workers did a door-to-door campaign tying rakhis to the male members of the families and inviting them to come out on April 17 and vote. Rangoli and painting competitions were organised for women and children,” he said.
Mr. Jain addressed a meeting of women’s groups later. He said women were adept in handling domestic affairs as they participated in the decision-making of the house. “It is time you come out in large numbers and take part in the decision making process in the country,” he said.
Later, at a meeting of medical officers, Mr. Jain said doctors in Gulbarga had started using a seal that spoke of the importance of polling. He hoped the polling percentage would cross 80 in Bidar where the last Lok Sabha election saw only around 53 per cent voting.
Mr. Jain and other senior officers also attended a convention of physically challenged persons at Rang Mandir. He asked them to be ambassadors of free and fair polling in the district. “There are 40,000 physically challenged persons in the district. Each one of them should vote and motivate others to do so,” he said.
Rathna Kalamdani, Deputy Director of Women and Child Welfare, Bansilal Pawar, Deputy Director of Disabled Welfare and others were present.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kumaraswamy to campaign for Kashempur in Bidar today.

H.D. Kumaraswamy, the former Chief Minister and JD(S) leader, will campaign for Bandeppa Kashempur, party nominee, in Bidar on April 11.
The rally would be held at Ganesh Maidan at 5.30 p.m. on Friday, JD(S) district president Naseemoddin Patel told presspersons here on Wednesday.
MLA Mallikarjun Khuba said Congress candidate for the Lok Sabha polls N. Dharam Singh had failed to carry out his duties as an MP. It was time for change and Mr. Kashempur would defeat Mr. Singh this time, he said.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Development is on the backburner in Bidar

Development does not seem to be the issue in the Lok Sabha elections at least in Bidar. Personality of the leaders, their loyal followers and caste dynamics seem to dominate poll-related discussions.
“That is because the Indian democracy is not merit based. Electoral choices are mostly based on caste affiliations,” says Vithaldas Pyage, a Dalit ideologue
If there was a roll of honour for backwardness, Bidar would figure among the top districts. It has high levels of infant and maternal mortality, malnutrition among children is high, and accessibility to qualified doctors is low and costly. Female literacy, especially among disadvantaged sections, is abysmally low. Job creation rate is low as industrial investment is negligible.
Farmers unhappy
According to the 2011 census, 89 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for sustenance. Farmers, however, are not happy.
There is no organised market for agriculture or horticulture produce. The agriculture produce marketing committee market yards have failed to implement the government order on using electronic scales. They still use mechanical scales.
The Raitha Sante markets largely remain non-functional. Pricing of farm produce is hardly in favour of the farmer. Farmer associations routinely complain that sugar factories don’t pay remunerative prices for sugarcane. Successive governments have neglected irrigation. No government has come up with a plan to utilise the 24 tmcft of water of the Godavari basin allotted to Bidar under the second Bachawat award.
Most parties are focusing on the personality of their leaders.
The BJP campaign revolves round its Prime Ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi. JD(S) workers speak of the achievements of party leaders H.D. Deve Gowda, H.D. Kumaraswamy and the nominee Bandeppa Kashempur, former agriculture minister. Congress workers speak of the “large-hearted” nature of their leader N. Dharam Singh. Middle level leaders and workers have started defecting from one party to another, citing reasons of loyalty to various leaders.
Like elsewhere in this country, caste seems to play a big role. Mr. Singh is a Rajput, Mr. Kashempur is a Kuruba, and AAP’s Chandrakanth Kulkarni is a Brahmin. BJP’s Bhagwanth Khuba is a member of the influential Lingayat community.
However, development is not at the centre of the poll campaign. It seems to be a talking point in meetings and rallies, at best.
“Campaign speeches are hypocritical. Leaders promise to develop the constituency, criticise their opponents for failing to bring in prosperity. But once the speech is over, they sit with community leaders and discuss nothing but ways in which to capture votes of various caste groups,” says Gandharva Sena, writer.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Call to conserve Bidar’s architectural heritage

World Monument Fund representatives visited Bidar recently to visit important monuments and discuss plans to protect them with officials.
Mark Weber, field projects director, and Amita Baig, WMF representative in India visited the Karez system of underground water canals, the fort gates and the triple moat surrounding the royal enclosure in the fort on Monday.
Later, they held discussions with historians like B.R. Konda, and officials of the district administration.
Mr. Weber said that in Bikaner, Rajasthan, the city municipal council and NGOs had organised a Watch Day with the theme of ‘Keep Bikaner Clean’. He suggested celebrating Watch Day in Bidar with a similar theme. This would contribute towards creating awareness about the heritage of the city and the need to conserve it, he said.
Ms. Baig appreciated the plans of the district administration to organise an international seminar on the Karez systems in a few months. She assured of all technical support to the government in protection of monuments.
Deputy Commissioner P.C. Jaffer said the district administration was seeking the partnership of various agencies to protect monuments and promote tourism. Subir Hari Singh, chief advisor, Indian Heritage Cities Network, Ujjwal Kumar Ghosh, Zilla Panchayat chief executive officer, Sunil Panwar, deputy conservator of forests, were present.


Monday, 12 August 2013

Bad roads, overflowing drains wreak havoc in Old Bidar City

While copious rains have brought cheer for the farming community it has wreaked havoc in the lives of some residents in the Old Bidar City, thanks to bad roads and overflowing drains.
Take for instance the case of residents of Dalhan Darwaja Road behind the zilla panchayat office, Decent Function Hall, and Gawan Chowk. Every time there is a downpour, the drains overflow on the roads making it difficult for its users.“We have to wade through water to go out. Riding a two-wheeler in such situations is out of question,” said Mir Bidri, a resident of Faizpura lane.
Syed Firasat Ali, resident, says: “Water enters my house every alternate day when it rains. It has become a routine for us to flush out water.”
Some residents say a part of the problem is their own making.
A.Q. Khaleel, a retired employee who lives here, says, “Five years ago, the city municipal council demolished houses along the stretch from the ZP office to Ashtur village and the one connecting Gawan Chowk to Nizam Cross. The authorities said owners had encroached upon government land. Some people went to court and got a stay. So, whenever CMC took up road works, the two roads were left out. However, now that the stay on works on Gawan Chowk Road has been lifted, work has begun there”, he said.
Syed Riaz, Commissioner in-charge of the CMC, said repair and relaying of the two roads would be taken up in phases. These works have nothing to do with the cases. They are two different issues. The CMC is mandated to repair roads and drains across the city, he said.
more :http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-karnataka/bad-roads-overflowing-drains-wreak-havoc-in-old-bidar-city/article5014149.ece